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Network Operation


Solar energy Solution

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VCM fulfill the customer needs and requirement through innovative, efficient, and quality management service by continuously improving our ability to prove ourselves as role models.
We provided telecommunications network operation services in May 2019 in Myanmar and now we have achieved as below:
- Presenting in 15 regions and states as Yangon, Kachin, Kayin, Bago, Naypyitaw, Mon, Mandalay, Ayeyarwardy, Sagaing, Tanintharyi, Magway, Rakhine and Shan for telecom O&M.
- Working as a strategic partner of MYTEL operator, TCO NTD, TIM, MNTI.
- Over 650 experienced engineers and technicians who are skilled and well-trained engineers, engineering workers, hard-working, well-equipped, and innovative.

Viettel Construction Myanmar Working as a strategic partner of NTD, ZTE and Mytel in Myanmar;
Deploying forces in Kayin, Bago, Naypyitaw, Mandalay, Taninthary, Magway, Yangon, Ayeyarwady and Mon, Shan for Telecom Infrastructure;
Over 200 experienced engineers and technicians who are smart, hardworking, well-equipped and innovative;
Item of works:
1. Civil work and tower Erection (Sites): 1914+
2. Equipment Installation &Commissioning BTS(2G, 4G): 3863+
3. Microwave Installation (Links): 2919+
4. Underground and Aerial Optical fibre cable (km): 3569+

Solar power solutions using natural light will help households save electricity costs, minimize national electricity overload, protect the environment and be a profitable source of investment for households when reselling electricity.
Average cut 50-100% of electricity cost/month.
Payback only after 4-5 years.
Reduce greenhouse gas and Co2 emissions, water and noise pollution.
Investment and profit value from solar power system up to 25 years.

With experience in constructing thousands of villas, townhouses, shop-houses in large real estate projects, Viettel Construction provides civil construction services for individual customers,creating homes all over the country. Viettel Construction.
We are proud to have a team of more than 500 highly qualified architects and engineers. By 2023, Viettel Construction has constructed more than 3,000 houses, covering 100% of districts across the country. Currently, Viettel Construction's civil construction service is a reliable choice of customers in 63 provinces and cities.



The process of Telecom O&M service provide:

  • NOC monitoring service
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Survey/integration/upgrade BTS service
  • Fuel Filling service
  • Overhaul Maintenance (Tower, M&E Equipment)


Our professional team brings deep experience and expertise to every stage of the design, deployment, and maintenance processes including:

  • Telecom-based station installation, commissioning and testing (2G/3G/lite)
  • Telecom power system including generator installation and commissioning & testing.
  • Microwave installation and commissioning & testing.
  • Telecom survey including site acquisition, technical site survey, line of sight survey
  • Logistic support including materials transportation and crane support for materials lift.
  • Laying fiber cables, splicing and fiber operations.



Guarantee policy with 05% of the project value for the investors to keep until 100% of the construction volume is accepted.

  • All the construction works' quality are ensured, in case of failure to ensure quality, re-construction will be organized without any extra cost.
  • Competitive price policy, ensuring profit for two parties.
  • Payment and financial policies: Implementation of construction is accepted before the investor issues payment guarantee; payment could be divided in phases.
  • Personnel organization: 100% of construction site commanders are well trained and experienced Viettel Construction personnel, especially in implementing large-scale projects across the country. In just 90 days and nights of speedy construction, VCM completed the construction of Office Building No. 2 of Telecom International Myanmar Co., LTD (Mytel) with a value of more than 1 million USD.


  • We Offer a comprehensive solutions

System Consultancy, Survey and Design

Warranty up to 20 years of use

Consulting and supporting bank loans

System operation and maintenance

Equipment supply, construction in stallation

  • Solar Energy Lighting Solutions

Providing lighting systems thanks to natural light, helping rural and urban areas improve the quality of life, warrant traffic safety and security.


Typical data
(Data updated automatically weekly)

Civil work and tower Erection

1914 Sites

Equipment Installation & Commissioning BTS

3863 2G, 4G

Microwave Installation

2919 Links

Underground and Aerial Optical fibre cable

3569 Km



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