About us


Viettel Construction Myanmar Company Limited (VCM) was established on 18th June 2015, is a member that is inseparable from the ecosystem of Viettel Construction Join Stock Corporation - Viettel Group.

Processing a workforce of 600 people and an operation network spreading in 15 regions across the country.

VCM is the leading provider of technical services in Myanmar through 4  main strategic business fields:

  • Network Operation
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Civil work Construction
  • Solar energy Solution

Through 8 years of development, VCM has built a domestic telecommunication network infrastructure system with more than 3800 base transceiver stations (BTS), 3500 km of fiber optic cable.



VCM is the leading provider of technical services in Myanmar through 4 main strategic business fields:
• Network Operation
• Infrastructure Construction
• Civil Work Construction
• Solar Energy Solution


The process of Telecom O&M service provide:
- NOC monitoring service
- Corrective Maintenance
- Preventive Maintenance
- Survey/integration/upgrade BTS service
- Fuel Filling service
- Overhaul Maintenance (Tower, M&E Equipment)


Our professional team brings deep experience and expertise to every stage of the design, deployment, and maintenance processes including:
- Telecom-based station installation, commissioning and testing (2G/3G/lite)
- Telecom power system including generator installation and commissioning & testing.
- Microwave installation and commissioning & testing.
- Telecom survey including site acquisition, technical site survey, line of sight survey.
- Logistic support including materials transportation and crane support for materials lift.
- Laying fiber cables, splicing and fiber operations.


We offer a comprehensive solutions
- System Consultancy, Survey and Design
- Warranty up to 20 years of use
- Consulting and supporting bank loans
- System operation and maintenance
- Equipment supply, construction in stallation

Solar Energy Lighting Solutions
- Providing lighting systems thanks to natural light, helping rural and urban areas improve the quality of life, warrant traffic safety and security.


- Services Provided
- Infrastructure Building: Traffic, drainage, auxiliary systems, etc.
- House Building: Urban areas, offices, factories, warehouses, etc.
- Technical Infrastructure Building: Mechanical and electrical system, telecommunications, information technology, smart infrastructure


- Become an investor, operate, provide the most intelligent, effective project.
- Revenue target to 2025 becomes a billion-dollar corporation.
- Maturity reaches 5/5 according to TMForum standards.
- Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam 2023 (Forbes).

2021 - 2025

- First Class National Defense Order.
- Achieve revenue of 6,441 billion VND in 2020.
- Gold Award International Business Awards 2020, People's Choice Stevie Awards 2020.
- VNR500: Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam.

2018 - 2020

- Second-class Nation Defense Medal
- Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit.
- Ministry of Defense’s Certificate of Merit.
- Total period revenue is 600 million USD.

2010 - 2017


1. Practice is the only way to test the truth.
2. Growth by challenges and failures.
3. Rapid adaptation is the strength in competition.
4. Creativity is vitality.
5. Systematic thinking.
6. Combination of East and West.
7. Disciplinary tradition and how-to-do
8. Viettel is a common home.


VISION (vision)

+ Viettel Construction Myanmar respects our customers' views. All you need is to choose a good supplier like VCM, we guarantee perfection for customers.

+ To be the leading primary service provider through the world-class quality level with reliable and affordable excellent multi-telecommunication services, beyond your expectations.

+ Viettel Construction Myanmar is ready to work at all times day and night services are provided in other to meet client deadlines. We also handle logistics for your materials delivery to any of the allocated sites from the warehouse to their locations in Myanmar.

MISSIONS (Mission)

Promote 4.0 industrial revolution to businesses and households.

Providing services on technical platforms in the fields of Infrastructure Investment, Construction, Information Technology, Integrated Solutions, Technical Services and Operation.

  • Profession

  • High Quality

  • Competitive Cost


• Each customer is a person - a unique individual, who needs to be respected, cared for and listened to, understood and served separately. Constantly innovating, together with customers, to create increasingly perfect products and services.

• The foundation for a growing business is the whole society. VIETTEL commits to reinvesting in society through linking business and production activities with social and humanitarian activities.

• Being sincere with colleagues, working together, contributing to building a common home of VIETTEL.

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